May 02, 2018

Junior Prom

Emma's junior prom was the weekend after her birthday party. It was absolutely the perfect spring day in the Village. She chose a victorian style vintage wedding dress to wear to prom. A unique choice that I wasn't altogether sure of in the beginning but honestly it was the right one for her. It was just so uniquely her. I actually also wore a vintage prom dress to my senior prom. It was my mom's high school prom dress. It barely survived that evening, which is a shame because I'm sure she would have loved to wear it.

Em's favorite tree is this ancient magnolia tree in our favorite little park. I expected this spot to be crammed full of people taking prom pictures and was so relieved to find it empty. Our little hidden gem, although to be fair, the Village has an endless number of picturesque spots to take a photograph.

Honestly. How did we get here? This was her about 5 seconds ago. Right? You guys remember.

Now she's traipsing off to Europe without us, dreaming about going off to college and rarely is spotted at home or at the very least, outside of her room.

It's enough to send a momma spiraling. This spring has been a whirlwind and I'm just trying to catch my breath.

While she would have much preferred a ball and waltzing, I think in the long run she is glad she went.

I wish we could slow down time before she swan dives into her future. Next year is bound to pass even quicker than this year did.

April 26, 2018

Victorian Garden Party

 This month has been a roller coaster and while there is much to tell, honestly each thing deserves it's own post. We will start with Emma's 17th birthday party.

All week the forecast promised rain. The day dawned wet and grey with no chance of clearing. The day before we made the call to bring in the outside table so we could accommodate the group of 11 girls.

Miraculously, an hour before the party, the skies cleared, the sun came out we were left with the most beautiful day we had seen this spring. We were able to scramble and set up croquet, wrap the fence and tree in tulle and put benches, quilts and pillows around the yard.

We started with food and kept it simple with finger sandwiches, nuts, fruit and sparkling beverages followed by dessert.

After opening presents, the girls played a rousing game of croquet while we cleared and cleaned up and I set the room up for straw hat decorating. The table was full of ribbons, flowers and other embellishments.

I always love to see how the girls make a project their own, creating something that is unique to them. That is my favorite part of any creative gathering.

Afterwards it was back outside for more croquet and an extreme amount of photographs.

I love how Emma's friends get into the spirit of her parties. These events have taken on a life of their own. This year really was my favorite so far. I kind of wish we had saved it for the final hurrah next year, although I've already started planning that one!

Honestly these parties are exhausting but I enjoy them so much and Emma helps so much and is so appreciative. I don't even try to hide the fact that I'm living my birthday party dreams vicariously through her.

I adore these last two pictures. I want you to take notice of the purple croquet ball in the picture above. While they were playing, people were actually stopping behind the house to watch them as if they were watching a movie. I think people didn't quite know what they were seeing.

This last photo could have been taken 100 years ago. Such lovely girls and so sweet to come celebrate our girl on the occasion of her seventeenth birthday.